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new website [Jul. 24th, 2013|11:47 am]
Princess & Goddess Worship

Hi minions!

I had my entire website redone. I am accepting new slaves currently.


and check out some of my newest videos!

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Free MP3 Audio! Listen and the vote for Goddess! [Jan. 13th, 2013|04:42 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship


Such lucky boys you are… to hear this brief snippet, this quick tease all because of a fun contest hosted by MPS.

- Has it been awhile since you’ve heard my beautiful voice?

- Have you been trying desperately to stay away from Goddess yet still feel my PULL?

- Do you simply enjoy making me smile from afar?

- Are you a cheap bastard who knows he should work harder for my gain?

If any of the above apply,  go here immediately to listen then vote. You can vote daily from one IP only.

If you haven't added my public twitter yet... Let's fix that - Follow Mz Devon on Twitter

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

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Femdom Humiliatrix Phone Domination [Oct. 3rd, 2011|09:58 am]
Princess & Goddess Worship

[Current Mood |pleasedpleased]

Just a quick note for those who may or may not have had the pleasure of a session with me before. I have joined a new platform and this will take priority over all other services I use outside of calling me direct via 1-855-MZDEVON! My prices will reflect my excitement often as I will have far better rates here when I am available for calls.

I’ve made it easy for you, simply bookmark FemdomHumiliatrix.com & you’re set. I'm very much looking forward to playing inside your heads there…

Although I have only been active there for a few days, I’ve added many treats into my store already. I will be adding even more photo sets, audio recordings, and videos clips shortly. An extra perk to the new spot is you can sell tangibles as well as digital downloads, so look for the chance at collecting something special soon.

On that note, I’m done speaking with you naughties, go make your accounts immediately!

Click the image below, you know you want too…


Now, on to the most important people – The Ladies!

I can attest that this system seems very ahead of many others we all have been using. They seem very motivated at hearing our suggestions and have lots of new things in the works, that won’t take years to implement. They also seem very focused on us running successful phone websites / stores and not as much on slapping our hands at any little issue. Have a look around and feel free to email me direct should you have any questions. Many of us are putting together a “recommends” area on our pages to promote like minded women, help the boys find what they seek easier than rummaging around many listings that don’t do it for their special tastes. Many wonderful women have already registered and it’s setting an awesome new tone to the look and feel of their site. If you’d like to have your call info listed on sites where I previously promoted other services, just let me know. Good luck & all the best!

Good $luts will $pend!

If you haven't added my public twitter yet... you're an idiot. Let's fix that - Follow Mz Devon on Twitter

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

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Stupid qustion [Sep. 10th, 2011|01:23 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship

[Current Location |My Lake Paradise...]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

" How many slaves do you have Goddess? "

[~ GMD ~] How many blades of grass are in my yard?

" *faints* "

[~ GMD ~] Lots, but I'm sure as hell not going to count them ALL

Good $luts will $pend!

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

If you haven't added my public twitter yet... you're an idiot. Let's fix that - Follow Mz Devon on Twitter
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Get in touch with your Spoiled, Bratty Princess [Jan. 23rd, 2011|10:25 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship

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Niteflirt email training available! [Nov. 20th, 2010|03:46 am]
Princess & Goddess Worship


For those of you that wish to serve via email on NITEFLIRT ... www.niteflirt.com/users/Mistress+Sheridan+Taylor

Mistress Sheridan Taylor
The KinKy Princess
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Running out of unique things to say [Jul. 31st, 2010|04:30 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship

 At this point I think I'm just spamming.. flame me if you like :P it'll give me something to distract me from working. But in the mean time I'm sitting here bored at my BF's working on stuff for my new website and personal stuff so I though I'd be a bit nice and turn on my cam (no charge) since everyone seems to forget just how darn cute I am :P Y!: thefawnnymph

oh and here's a typical fuck you photo lol
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back to LJ [Jul. 14th, 2010|06:22 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship

I have recently decided to come back to LJ. I have been on the scene since 2007, some of you may already know Me. :) Thought I'd post a few links where I take calls/do cam/sell videos, as well as My wish list as they have changed in the past few months:



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Princess says [Dec. 14th, 2009|09:50 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship


So I finally have enough slaves on here where I can post generalized lessons : ) This should be a lot of fun! I will be posting the "flyer" (like this one) for new classes in communities as they occur.
So for those of you who have been accepted in to my “stables” read on to the lesson outline and rules. Those of you, who are not, please email PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com with the subject, “Worthless”. I will email you an application, which you must fill out and mail back with a 5$ e-cert (amazon). More generous tributes may result in a more generous reply( photos, chattiness, privileges )

This one will about chastity with out key holding. So as you’re reading this I suppose you are already stroking your cock. That’s okay I want you to, just a bit because by the time you finish reading this lesson your cock will be mine. So take a minute, close your eyes and enjoy but not too long!
What your feeling, your hardening cock. This is the first you will give to me. Your manhood. That little bit of flesh in your hand is for –my- pleasure only. I own your dick; and your mind, body, and wallet will follow next.
Getting hard yet? Enjoy it because from now on you’re going to have to plead with me to get off. Ready to show your Princess that she truly owns you? Than strip down your underwear, ladies or men’s, and kneel. You will read all your lessons kneeling. (You can send Miss Pictures if you wish ; ) ))
This will be the chastity lesson; it will be personalized and special for each pet but there will be general updates for you to follow but they will all be placed under private. So those of you accepted must friend on my LJ to join! For those of you who do not fail my lesson there will be special treats given out to submissives that pass!
1. You will check for lessons every day and turn your assignments on time.
2. You will always ask me for permission to masturbate. You ma never ask me to help you along. That is my choice. When you want to jerk off you will send me an email/IM subject “hurting”
3. Princess or Miss Katlin is what you will call me, I am not your buddy or your friend. I am your princess
4. If things are finished in a timely matter you will punished and not in the fun way

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Guess whose birthday is coming up? [Nov. 20th, 2009|01:36 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
Well, well, well. It looks like a special day is coming up- December 2!

I shouldn't have to tell you boys what that means, but because you're dumb- and I'm feeling nice- I'll remind you again.

It's MY BIRTHDAY, 'tards!

As many of you know, I've been somewhat out of the Domme community lately (thanks to my sudden success in the erotic novel genre), but this, lovely ladies and fucktards, is a special occasion. I'm generously allowing you boys to spoil ME, and satisfy your innermost cravings to please a GORGEOUS women to compensate for your invisible cock and other infinite inadaquacies. You can thank me later.

Needless to say, this means I've inflated my wishlist a bit, just so you can bust all your cash on it! Aren't I so nice?

While I do ordinarily enjoy the more personal route of forcing you to shop at women's lingerie stores for me in-person, looking like the panty-loving pervert you are right in front of EVERY sales clerk, well... it's just easier to shop online.

Though if you do insist (and some of you really, really do insist), here's my address. Some of you have already bought things, after all...

Miss Hexx
P.O. Box 1019
Georgetown, CT 06829

If you haven't memorized that yet, slap yourself for being a fucking idiot. I shouldn't have to dirty my hands touching you. (That and the thought of you slapping yourself throws me into fits of hilarious, sadistic glee.)

For those of you balding, middle-aged losers who haven't yet bought me anything due to your severe learning disorders, here is the link to my wishlist:

And look, I've even added little blurbs next to some items. How cute.

I desire the following items most:

Escante Luxurious Lace Midriff Corset
(note that the picture doesn't show up on My wishlist)

Nurse Betty Sandal- I rather enjoy medical play.

Any and ALL books.

...hell, I want EVERYTHING on that list! Forget Me listing it, just buy everything! That's what your paycheck is for, after all.

Oh, and don't expect anything in return.

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