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Princess says [Dec. 14th, 2009|09:50 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship



So I finally have enough slaves on here where I can post generalized lessons : ) This should be a lot of fun! I will be posting the "flyer" (like this one) for new classes in communities as they occur.
So for those of you who have been accepted in to my “stables” read on to the lesson outline and rules. Those of you, who are not, please email PrincessKatlinxoxo@live.com with the subject, “Worthless”. I will email you an application, which you must fill out and mail back with a 5$ e-cert (amazon). More generous tributes may result in a more generous reply( photos, chattiness, privileges )

This one will about chastity with out key holding. So as you’re reading this I suppose you are already stroking your cock. That’s okay I want you to, just a bit because by the time you finish reading this lesson your cock will be mine. So take a minute, close your eyes and enjoy but not too long!
What your feeling, your hardening cock. This is the first you will give to me. Your manhood. That little bit of flesh in your hand is for –my- pleasure only. I own your dick; and your mind, body, and wallet will follow next.
Getting hard yet? Enjoy it because from now on you’re going to have to plead with me to get off. Ready to show your Princess that she truly owns you? Than strip down your underwear, ladies or men’s, and kneel. You will read all your lessons kneeling. (You can send Miss Pictures if you wish ; ) ))
This will be the chastity lesson; it will be personalized and special for each pet but there will be general updates for you to follow but they will all be placed under private. So those of you accepted must friend on my LJ to join! For those of you who do not fail my lesson there will be special treats given out to submissives that pass!
1. You will check for lessons every day and turn your assignments on time.
2. You will always ask me for permission to masturbate. You ma never ask me to help you along. That is my choice. When you want to jerk off you will send me an email/IM subject “hurting”
3. Princess or Miss Katlin is what you will call me, I am not your buddy or your friend. I am your princess
4. If things are finished in a timely matter you will punished and not in the fun way


[User Picture]From: panda_nom
2010-03-10 02:31 am (UTC)
This is one sexy picture! <3
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