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Goddess Hexx is BACK and IN CHARGE! [Sep. 11th, 2009|06:16 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
I'd type about it... but I have videos. So watch these, get on your knees, and BEG ME to take your wallet.
You know I deserve it so much more than you do.

-Goddess Hexx

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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2009|08:15 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship

All right, subbies- here's a new assignment for you, regardless of whether you're my personal bitch or not.

For every holiday, you get at least one gift card you know you're never gonna use. Some restaurant you don't go to, some clothing store you never visit... that kind of thing.

Your job is to send all of those gift cards to ME. I'll also be happy to accept concealed cash.

My address is:

Goddess Hexx (or use a different name to be discreet, it can be I.C. Wiener for all I care)
P.O. Box 1019
Georgetown, CT 06829

And while you're at it, you can send me the locks to your chastity devices, though do realize that I probably won't return them at any point soon. Maybe I'll throw them into a compactor instead. That sounds like fun.
I'll also accept concealed cash.

Hand it over. My time is valuable, so I expect a prompt response.

And while you're at it, think of Me, touching these big, beautiful, bouncy breasts as often as I'd like- and think of how I'll never allow you to touch, not them even once! All you can do is stare while I tease you into submission. Poor, pathetic little slave boy!

Now get serving!
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A tantalizing video [Jul. 3rd, 2009|11:48 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
Well now! I've been a very busy Goddess lately, so instead of typing everything out, you boys get a little treat- you get to watch Me- and I won't even make you beg for it.
Don't get used to that, though, it's just this once... I'll be expecting some offerings at My feet.

Don't forget to check out My journal, I post all kinds of bitch tasks on there, and of course, I have tons of pretty pictures for you to fawn over- and of course, on My clips site, I do have some previews as well.
You and I both know how impossible that is to resist.

Buy some of My clips, buy Me some shoes, and maybe, just maybe, I'll talk to you.
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New Clips! [Jun. 23rd, 2009|09:10 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
Check my journal if you're interested.
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New clips up! [Jun. 6th, 2009|10:24 am]
Princess & Goddess Worship

Hello lovely ladies and blathering dorks.
I've been a busy Woman this weekend making clips!

Stiletto and Leg Worship- suck My heels!
Time for your first experience as My personal slave... you're going to start by licking and sucking My boots clean, and worshipping My legs. Then, I force you to unzip My boots with your mouth and then have you pull My stockings off the same way...
6 minutes for 5.99


You're Trash
I chew My favorite bubblegum and tell you where your place is... beneath Me. What's that? You want Me to spit My gum out into your mouth?

4.99 for 4 minutes


Crushing Feet - Powerful Platform Stilettos vs Tiny Goldfish
I show off My power by crushing tiny, helpless, tasty goldfish into nothing but dust. You hear them crack and crackle and break under My beautiful, perfect feet.

5.99 for close to 6 minutes


Leather Pants Ass Worship and Gum Swallowing
I make you beg and tell Me what a dirty slut you are, and have you worship My leather-clad ass- but since you're not doing well enough, I sit right on your face. I blow a few bubbles with My gum and pop them right in your face, and then I spit My gum directly into your mouth, making you swallow. Then I tease you more with My panties and ass, and tell you to get out of My sight, giving you no relief whatsoever from your insatiable lust. Haha, you don't get to see Goddess naked- what were you thinking?! Pathetic slave!

4.99 for close to 5 minutes


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New kinky clips and website up! [May. 28th, 2009|01:31 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
Before I say anything else... I have a new website up! And I built it Myself, too- look on and be amazed: http://www.goddesshexx.com

Cuckolding: My Boyfriend is a Real Man
I love My boyfriend so much.... He is a Real Man, unlike you! In this video, I tell you all about how amazing he is in bed, and how much better He is than you pathetic slaves with your dinky little toothpick dicks... I also tell you all about what I'm going to do this weekend with one of My local cuckold slave boys.

Blackmail: you'd better keep Me happy...
I walk in on you- and you'd better keep Me happy from now on, or I could ruin your life. Just imagine if your partner found out- or your parents, or your boss... hahaha, the list just goes on and on...

Massaging My Perfect Feet with Lotion
Aaah.... after a long day in leather sandals, I need a moment to relax... so I take My sandals off and start massaging My pedicured feet with lotion... it feels sooooo good.
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A truly insane amount of updates. [May. 19th, 2009|05:54 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
1. I have a website now- http://www.goddesshexx.com

2. I'm pricing everything down for the next few days... after that, they're going back up, go get 'em while you can, puppies!

The latest updates (this week):

Hot Stocking and Sock Fashion Show!
I try on all my favorite socks and stockings to show off in front of the camera! Fishnets and striped socks included.
More than 6 minutes for 5.99... wow.

Because you're NOT worth it
I spend a few minutes telling you how pathetic you are, because you're such an addict and so dependent on Me... and then I ignore you, since you're not worth my valuable time. I play with my electro-lamp instead. You're actually paying to watch me ignore you... look how low you've sunk, you worthless mutt.
4.99 for more than 4 minutes... I'm being way too nice to you idiots. This particular one is getting priced up TOMORROW.

Cute and Crazy Vore Gummi Bears- THE GRAND FINALE!
I eat the last of my gummi bears in one big delicious vore-fest! I suck them into my mouth one at a time, slosh them around- you can hear my saliva- and show you them resting in my mouth and on my pink tongue. I chew and swallow very loudly! They all slide down my throat and come to rest deep inside my stomach- yum yum! They were so delicious!

A hot image set of my elegant fingers and toes... and my manicure-pedicure!

Manicured and Pedicured
I show off my deep red and blue mani pedi... it is SO hot! I have very elegant fingers and toes, and gorgeous ivory skin.

5.99 for 32 files- on SUPER ULTRA SALE for a day or so.


Chewing Gum and Flipping the Bird Before Bed
It's late at night... the lights are low... and I decide to blow off some stress before bed by chewing some sour apple-flavored bubblegum. Then I flip you off a few times because you're an idiot, I hate you, and you deserve it. I bite down hard on the gum a few times, showing my teeth squish the it down into a thin layer, and you can hear it crackle as all the air escapes. I blow some bubbles, flip you off a few more times, then spit out my gum in disdain, tell you you're pathetic, and shut off my camera. For only 5.99! And it's 7 minutes long!

Vampiric Hypnodomme
Listen to the soothing voice of your vampiric mistress as She dominates your mind, completely and utterly... you must give in to Her will. I tell you what your true purpose for living is. Don't you ever wonder why you're alive?
Almost 6 minutes for 5.99 - that's a pretty good price for learning your purpose in life.

Removing Toenail Polish
My toenails looked a bit messy... so it was time to clean them up. Close-up style! I rub my pretty little toes clean with nailpolish remover until the cloth is stained purple, blue, and pink! I get my beautifully manicured hands in there too, and end up re-doing one finger. What sexy toes I have!
FIFTEEN MINUTES (holy crap) for only 11.99. I am way too nice to you guys sometimes...

And some worship pics for you to buy, print, and put on your altars/shrines to me...
Wearing my Soviet uniform... a black bra... a pink studded bikini... a fishnet shirt... and a new black top splattered with red with metal circles you can see through... sexy.


Playing with My food!
I am wearing my sexy pink fishnet top and I'm all done clubbing from the night before... and boy am I hungry! I run across a huge gummi bear infestation on my sink and get to eliminate them the only way I know how- by devouring them one by one! I take a few drinks of water while eating them to make sure they go down extra smoothy. Then, I capture the rest to eat later- boy will they be surprised little gummies when they wake up!

7 minutes for the delicious price of 6.99.

(The snapshots were really crappy compared to the real video, so this gives you a general idea)

And a makeup tutorial!
I show all my sissy boys how to put on dramatic makeup like a real woman does. Learn to look like me, a 100% real glamorous female, you sissy boys! I go into every little detail of how to apply shadow, liner, and mascara, even using a curler. Then, I slather on lip balm, pencil, lipstick, and add a final coat of sexy gloss. Gorgeous and feminine! And I'd like some pics of the results, sissy boys, so send 'em in!

Once again, crappy snapshots, so I assigned another picture... but this gives you a general idea.

It's late at night, I've just showered, I'm in my nighttime underwear, and I'm HUNGRY! I discover some gummi bears hiding nearby and devour them one by one after playing with them. YUM YUM. I pick them up and suck them into my mouth, play with them using my tongue, and let them slide down my throat... finishing it up with a nice drink to help them go down extra smoothly and settle into my belly.


Have fun with all of those.

Oh, and if anyone's interested... I now have a Twitter. http://twitter.com/goddesshexx

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A few little gifts... [May. 18th, 2009|05:51 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
Got a few things in from Amazon today...a few more on the way:

A couple Manga books (some collaboration with Courtney Love...the artwork is AMAZING) and an album by The Used that I bought a few years ago and lost...

That fucking shirt (underneath all the other stuff) I'm kinda pissed off about...that does NOT look like this

but whatever...maybe it'll look better on.

I also got this a couple days ago from my local bitch

I'd literally for MONTHS been drooling over this thing, and Betsey Johnson/Betseyville is my latest obsession!!! Not sure when I'll get to use it seeing how its humongous and I'm so damn small (5 ft nothing...good times. haha) But it wasnt MY money, so who cares? ; )

On a slightly different note, I'm VERY happy with my new little Amazon piggie, who quite literally sends me e-certs every single day...and Its such a nice change to have a sub you actually ENJOY talking to!

I've also decided to take a stab at a new business venture...more on that later, but wish me luck anyways!

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Slave App [Apr. 25th, 2009|02:04 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
[Current Music |Sevendust-Animosity]

Finally posted a simple slave app in my journal, for those who are interested.

Princess S.

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Two New Videos! [Apr. 22nd, 2009|08:20 pm]
Princess & Goddess Worship
Hello to everyone, beautiful Goddesses and pathetic puppet pigs!
Slaves: I have two new videos. Get naked, get on your knees, and watch.

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