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Femdom Humiliatrix Phone Domination [Oct. 3rd, 2011|09:58 am]
Princess & Goddess Worship


[Current Mood |pleasedpleased]

Just a quick note for those who may or may not have had the pleasure of a session with me before. I have joined a new platform and this will take priority over all other services I use outside of calling me direct via 1-855-MZDEVON! My prices will reflect my excitement often as I will have far better rates here when I am available for calls.

I’ve made it easy for you, simply bookmark FemdomHumiliatrix.com & you’re set. I'm very much looking forward to playing inside your heads there…

Although I have only been active there for a few days, I’ve added many treats into my store already. I will be adding even more photo sets, audio recordings, and videos clips shortly. An extra perk to the new spot is you can sell tangibles as well as digital downloads, so look for the chance at collecting something special soon.

On that note, I’m done speaking with you naughties, go make your accounts immediately!

Click the image below, you know you want too…


Now, on to the most important people – The Ladies!

I can attest that this system seems very ahead of many others we all have been using. They seem very motivated at hearing our suggestions and have lots of new things in the works, that won’t take years to implement. They also seem very focused on us running successful phone websites / stores and not as much on slapping our hands at any little issue. Have a look around and feel free to email me direct should you have any questions. Many of us are putting together a “recommends” area on our pages to promote like minded women, help the boys find what they seek easier than rummaging around many listings that don’t do it for their special tastes. Many wonderful women have already registered and it’s setting an awesome new tone to the look and feel of their site. If you’d like to have your call info listed on sites where I previously promoted other services, just let me know. Good luck & all the best!

Good $luts will $pend!

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